Who Are We

Xugo Studios, LLC. (pronounced Zoo-Go) is a Web Design & Development studio of skilled artists & designers Steve Gallant and Jay Zawrotny who have been collectively designing & developing websites for over 12 years!

We believe that strong websites support their content and don’t distract from it, we also feel the user experience, or how a user feels while using the website, is just as important as the code & design behind the website. This ideal is reflected in all of our work and use the latest in available web technologies to make it happen. Along with ensuring that every site delivers the appropriate experience for current web browsers.

How We Work

  • Project Discovery

    First we need to define the project: Find out what your goals are, who your audience is, what you want the site to do, and how you may want it to look, feel, & function.

  • Design & Develop

    Now it’s time to focus on building the site including all the graphics, code, features, and systems needed to help you reach your project’ goals.

  • Test, Enhance, & Adjust

    Once the website is launched we can begin testing the site against your users to make some final adjustments to maximize the success of your site.

Why Us

We're passionate about websites and we have the experience, ambition, and skill to make sure your site gets done on-time and we'll make it pleasant to look at, easy to use, and leave your audience with a positive impression and experience. We'll also work within your budget!

Our Work
  • SSPROD SSPROD http://ssprod.com
  • Pixel Fist Pixel Fist http://pixelfist.com
  • Steve's Portfolio Steve's Portfolio http://stevegallant.me
  • Keystone Fence Keystone Fence http://keystonefencemi.com